Best Children’s Books of All Time

Children's Books

Every childhood would not be complete if you have not heard any story book either in school or in your home. At night, every child awaits for the bedtime stories by your mother until you drift into the dream land. These were the days you learned about princesses and how they met their prince charming or fables and their good behaviours.

This was the time when you started building your dreams about living happily ever after, wishing for your knight in shining armour and hating the most common antagonist of the story-the witches. There are varying types of children’s book, from a simple fairy tale books into books with grand morals.

Let us take a look again for the books that captured our innocent hearts not so long ago. Later did we know that more than the creative plot and events, these books brought greater sense when it comes to morals and behavioural adjustment.

Where the Wild Things Are

Written by Maurice Sendak, this book is the winner of Caldecott Medal and considered as one of the Best Illustrated Children’s book of all time. The story revolves around a young boy named Max who is very naughty and always being sent to bed without dinner. However, the story and adventure begins when the forest grow wild and reach his room, giving access to different kind of wild things he could ever imagine. This book is one of the must read children’s book of all time and regardless of your age, the wisdom it contains is not yet fully understand until today.

The Giving Tree

When looking for a story with the theme of unconditional love, this is certainly the book which would make you taste a slice of life. Authored by Shel Silverstein, an unconditional love between a boy and a tree would surely make you realize that love is not something you accept but given instead. The story focuses on the love of a tree for the boy since he was small by providing shade, fruits and a place to rest on. The tree loves the boy so much that he can give everything for the boy even if it would mean his death. When the boy grew old, he cut the tree down to use the lumber and he used the stump as a place to rest.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book outlines the hardships of a caterpillar since the day he was born until the day of his metamorphosis and became a magnificent butterfly. Written by the creative mind of Eric Carle, this book offers an imaginative illustrations and bizarre storyline. With such poetic texts and attention-grabbing details, no one could resist the temptation of reading the story and not finishing it. As the story unravels, numerous lessons in life are learned and this paved the book’s way in being one of the best children’s books of all time.

Love You Forever

From the innovative minds of Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw, this book tells us the unending love of a mother to her son and vice versa. The touching plot that would make everyone reflect in their lives is when the mother would sing to her son a loving song even until he grew into adulthood. In the end, when the mother grew old, and the son has his family, he never forgets to sing the very same line of song to his daughter and his mother. You may find yourself teary in the middle of the story because of how the touching the story was made.

The Lorax

One of the classic stories from Dr. Seuss, witty but yet, very full of morals. The story revolves around a guy named Once-ler and his selfishness to use nature to get fame, money and attention from his family. Although warned by the Lorax, the guardian of the forest, he continued to cut down trees until there are no trees anymore and his family left him again. The exciting part of the story is when a young boy from an isolated city, wherein clean air is for sale and trees are synthetic, found its way to the Once-ler and has to opportunity to plant it. Now with the animated version of the book, children and parents alike can live up again the story of The Lorax.

Tips on Writing a Children’s Book

Children's Books

A child’s mind is like clay on a potter’s hand. It is an unknown shape, waiting to be molded and guided to reach its full potential and to be the best pottery that it can be. Furthermore, whatever is being fed on them eventually become big factors on whatever qualities and dispositions the children may acquire and develop as they grow up.

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How to Publish a Children’s Book

Children's Books

One of the best things to write is a book for children. Children are generally everybody’s stress relievers. Seeing one kid being able to read a word or recognize a picture makes us already giddy. It is such a cute sight – children reading books.

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How to Promote a Children’s Book

Children's Books

You have written the book, edited it, reedited it, and finally printed it out. So what do you do after?

Yes, you can’t just settle on the print out. You need to market or promote your book. You wrote your book so that people can read it right?

If you are having dilemmas on how to market your book, then, read on.

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How to Illustrate Children’s Books

Children's Books

When telling a story to children, it is a must that visual illustrations should be provided or at least, the story is coupled with an optical demonstration. Children do have a very short attention span especially in listening. If it is a simple storytelling, you can’t expect a child to focus attention at you at all times. This is where appropriate way of choosing book and illustrations come in.

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